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ATTENTION: ProCharger is fabricated on order and is therefore subjected for lead times of up to 12 weeks. Once an order is in production, these products are unable to be cancelled or returned.


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LS3 Supercharger


With millions of boost-enhanced miles under their tires, ProCharged Corvette owners enjoy the best of all worlds: everyday reliability and driveability combined with incredible power that is just a toe-tip away. Owning and driving a Procharged Corvette is an exercise in simplicity. With the patented and proven, self-contained ProCharger supercharger design and simple but effective air-to-air intercooling, there is no need for special fuels, additional modifications or extended cool-down times. In fact, ProCharger systems have been painstakingly designed to be installs on completely stock Corvettes – no additional modifications required.

The front facia design on the C6 Corvette allows for the use of a single, center-mounted, air-to-air intercooler system. When coupled with the high-flowing, durable, and extremely efficient ProCharger, this air-to-air intercooler substantially improves overall performance and engine reliability. With a P-1SC-1 self-contained head unit and highly-efficient air-to-air intercooler system, the LS3 Corvette kits continue the legacy of ProCharger’s industry-leading LS1, LS2, LS6 and LS7 supercharger systems.

Because of the ProCharger mounting location, there is no need to purchase, prep, and paint an aftermarket hood as there is with some other Corvette supercharger systems. In fact, once the ProCharger system has been installed, the car still appears “stock”. There’s also no need to tap into your engine’s oil system for supercharger or turbocharger lubrication, nor do you have to replace your factory exhaust system or headers.

Over the years the power levels of Corvette C6’s with ProCharger superchargers have been pushed from 550rwhp to a mind-blowing 1,491rwhp! (click for video) A little while back we released our new “Race” air-to-air intercooler, which has already been destroying the dyno rollers to the tune of 1,457rwhp!(click for video) With these big power cars becoming the norm nowadays, ProCharger has added a Stage II C6 Corvette system to the product lineup. Read on to find out the differences between the Stage II system and the HO system.


For both our Complete Systems and Tuner Kits, we offer more options than any competitor and give you the chance to customize your system or kit the way you want it.

  • Supercharger Headunits – Upgrade to our more efficient P-1X supercharger (Code -P1X) and gain 10-15 Hp at the same boost level. Now that is a no brainer! For our Tuner Kits, there are tons of options for supercharger headunits from our race proven F-1A-94 supercharger (Code -94) all the way up to our F-1X supercharger, rated for 1,200Hp (Click on pricing link above to learn more about supercharger options)
  • Quieter Helical Gearset (Code -H) – We offer a helical gearset for our P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, and D-1X superchargers offering much quieter operation, especially for those with a quiet or OEM exhaust system
  • Supercharger Finish Options – Satin (Standard finish), Polished (Code -P), or Black (Code -B) for superchargers
  • Supercharger Bracket Finish Options – Satin (Standard finish), polish (Code -PB), or black (Code -BB) for bracket assemblies
  • 10 rib belt – Maximize power transfer with a 10-rib belt drive setup
  • Intercooler – Horizontal intercooler upgrade (Vertical is standard)
  • Race Bypass Valve – Higher flowing bypass valve (red or black)
  • Intake Manifold – High performance sheet metal intake manifold (black or satin – unfinished)
  • ATI Balancer Upgrade
  • 8.8″ Crank Pulley upgrade (10-Rib belt option)


  • Satin, Polished or Black finish
  • Headunits from P1X through F-1X available
  • 6, 8, 10 rib drive systems available
  • Helical gear set (for noise reduction P and D headunits)
  • Race Bypass Upgrade
  • Air-to-Air Race Intercooler Upgrade
  • 3.5" or 4" MAF tubing available


Big power comes with the need for ample airflow to the blower. The Stage 2 and Race kits will come standard with a 3.50" inlet tube combined with a high-flowing, reusable air filter.


For cars making high HP and still using the MAF they will need more range on the meter. The standard tube is 3.5" however a 4" race option is available (This feature is standard on Race Kits)


The largest intercooler we make for cars pushing the 4-digit power numbers and beyond. It is available with both 3.5" and 4" outlets. (This intercooler is standard on the Race Kits)


The #1 enemy of any high HP supercharger system is belt slip. The longer the drive belt is, the more it will grow as power is applied to it. By adding a direct drive belt system to the ProCharger, we are able to decrease the overall length of the belt by over 40%, creating an ultra-strong grip. (This feature is standard on Stage 2 and Race kits)

ProCharger also made sure that the accessories were given a strong OEM spring-loaded tensioner. Using a spring-loaded tensioner ensures that the accessories will have the proper belt pressure applied to them as the belt wears and grows over time.

To make installation of the accessory belt easy, we have also included an extra "boss" built into the bracket to allow for better leverage to release the tensioner. Once tension is off the belt, the belt can be easily slipped over the alternator pulley.

The Stage II system will come standard with a 6 rib blower drive belt running off the factory balancer. Upgrades to wider belts will be available soon with the addition of an aftermarket balancer. If you already have an existing HO ProCharger system, and are looking for an upgrade. Each item can be purchased separately as well. – Stage 2 Inlet – Stage 2 Direct Drive System – Race Intercooler Upgrade Yes, even the race intercooler that we launched in 2014 can be purchased as an upgrade to existing kits, or as an option when purchasing a new system.


Year Make Model Sub-Model
2008-2013 Chevrolet Corvette C6

ProCharger's Warranty

For information on ProCharger's warranty terms and conditions, please click here.

Purchase Disclaimer: You are hereby informed and warned to check your local, state, and federal laws before buying and installing these or any aftermarket parts to be sure whether usage is in violation. All installation-risk and use-risk is borne by the end-user and installer of these parts. Bolt Motorsports does not condone the use of emission defeat devices for any vehicles used on public streets or roadways. Bolt Motorsports will not tamper, remove, disable, or bypass emissions equipment on a motor vehicle in accordance with 40 CFR Section 86.1854.12(a)(3), Clean Air Act 40 CFR 1068.101(b). This includes software, known as tunes, that reprogram a motor vehicles electronic control module to alter engine performance and enable the removal of filters, catalysts, and other critical emissions controls. In accordance with local laws and regulations, Bolt Motorsports will not ship parts to locations where usage or installation of said part would be in violation of the aforementioned acts.

ProCharger - 2008-2013 CORVETTE C6 (LS3) SUPERCHARGERS

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